Glitter tattoos: Now even you can dress up to the nines!


Is your girl a party animal but doesn’t seem to have the clarity in dressing up like one? This post will convey everything, it will act as a proper guide for you in making your girl stand out among others. Just keep reading the steps mentioned below :-

Choosing an outfit and accessories

Get to know the time and location of the event first. Whether it is a birthday bash, theme party, Halloween, Christmas eve, make sure you are choosing something keeping the time and location in mind. After all, it plays a crucial role in choosing apparels, accessories, makeup, glitter tattoos, etc. Now if the party is during the day time at a theme park or outdoor space, choose clothing in which she is comfortable to play and enjoy activities. On the other hand, if it is at a fancy restaurant or club, make her a bit dressier with body art, attractive jewelry, etc.

Do not manipulate her own personal style

Everyone is unique in their own way, be it a 16-year-old teenager or 35-year-old adult. So make sure you are coming up with something that suits her personality pretty easily. For example, if she loves to wear casual clothing, blend glitter tattoo kits that comprise of cool looking tattoos for her. Apart from this, choose the jewel right according to her outfit and personality.


Preparing for an upcoming event is not always about buying a new piece of costume and jewelry,with one alteration you can enhance her overall look. All you need to do is consider her existing clothes and jewelry and improve them with a new hairstyle, applying beautiful body art like glitter tattoos , butterfly wings, etc.

Play around with your hair and makeup

Apart from the outfit, your hair is the most important thing to keep in mind. So before you style up, make sure her hair are freshly washed so that it works easily and smells nice and clean.

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