3 Better Ways To Master The Japanese Art Of The Sword


“Man, I simply wish I could do that!” The thought always floats in my mind especially when I watch the star wars franchise or Bruce Lee films. Ninja moves are loved by all, more and more people get drawn towards such kind of Japanese art. Now further speaking about the Japanese art, ninja and Samurai are the two most iconic forms of ancient Japan. Though there are a few similarities yet they are different techniques, people and of course their philosophies.

toy ninja swords

One of the major differences between the samurai and the ninja is who exactly they are. Samurai were warriors who belonged to the ancient Japanese society while ninjas were often mercenaries, spies, and assassins belonging to the lower class of the ancient Japanese society. Next, Samurai warriors were made to wear full clad Kimonos, their traditional attire while ninja was offered a tighter clothing with only their eyes showing. Now, speaking of their fights, ninjas preferred sneak attacks and smaller weapons while samurai used hand-to-hand combat weapons such as a samurai sword. Anyways, today you will come across many reputable companies offering toy ninja swords in order to fight with fun.

How to master the Japanese art of the sword?

Handling swords is not an easy thing to master, it takes years of practice and instructions to excel in one. Here I would like to mention certain ways through which you can improve yourself to a great extent. Take a look!

Clear up- I am sure you must have come across numerous information on ninja for and several other Japanese arts, some of it may be true while others may not. So first of all, you need to clear up all your myths. For example, a real ninja is a myth. Yes, many of us think that the real ninjas do not even exist and nor do these toy ninja swords. But no! Ninja families have learned such skills back over eight hundred years ago. For them nothing was unethical, be it throwing sand in the eyes of the opponent or stabbing them when they were down.

Study the directions- Other than clearing up the myths, you should even study different directions and standing positions. For instance, standing with your right foot forward and left foot back or examine your stance with as much little effort as possible. Do the Zango, i.e. Stepping with your leading foot and turning back to your very first direction.

Practice the cuts- Battling whether it is for fun with a stunning toy ninja sword or real always takes stamina. So keep on practicing until and unless you don’t master the technique.

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